Meditation on Twin Hearts – with Chakral Healing

CHF  20.00

Versione originale inglese della Meditazione sui Cuori Gemelli, in cui Master Choa Kok Sui guida il flusso energetico attraverso i chakra maggiori allo scopo di trasformare stress, ansia, depressione e molto altro.

Regular practice of this meditation also cleanses and energises your aura. A strong aura provides a big reservoir of energy. When practiced regularly some of the benefits are increased inner peace, reduced stress levels, mental clarity, happiness, and increased intelligence and comprehension skills – all distinct advantages for anyone. This version of the Meditation on Twin Hearts includes an additional guided meditation where Master Choa Kok Sui guides energy through the major chakras of the energy body to clear and disintegrate stress, phobic energies, depression and other negative energies.

CD_Meditation on Twin Hearts with Chakral Healing